Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/06/10 - A RETURN TO THE AIRWAVES!!!!!!1

To answer the question of the observant/curious; yes.

Wow. It's been a while hasn't it? I don't think I've really posted consitantly since the early Fall of '09. At this point the WHUS Halloween Show (w/ the Vivian Girls, Real Estate, Math the Band, and My Heart to Joy rocked UConn), Halloween itself, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and my dad's birthday have passed between "serious" entries but that's done with for now. We'll be (semi-)regular for now.

Anyway, I know the last post was a "best of" list (and there will be 2 [TWO!!!] more best of's coming soon) but this is my playlist from my return to the FM airwaves.

Not a great playlist. There was a basketball game this night, so I was only on for about forty-five minutes. This show basically gave me a chance to play some Margik Markers (never noticed the faces on Balf Quarry) and some Noveller (which is a bit more abstract than the stuff I usually play).

Anyway, it was redundant more than it was bad. Czech out the playlist:

** = Plucked from the WHUS new bin, for your listening pleasure.

#. title - artist - release - label - year (this is specific or vague as the information I have at hand)

1. Taste - Magik Markers - BOSS - Ecstatic Peace - 2007
2. Makes Visible - These Are Powers - Terrific Seasons - Hoss - 2007
3. Glass Blocks - These Are Powers - All Aboard Future - Dead Oceans - 2009

4. Nubians on Franklin Ave. - These Are Powers - Terrific Seasons - Hoss - 2007

5. White Wife - Mi Ami - Watersports - Quarterstick - 2009
6. St. Powers - Noveller - Red Rainbows - NO FUN - 2009
7. Brilliant Colors - Noveller - Red Rainbows - NO FUN - 2009

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