Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12/09: "I Sprinted a Few Times to Push the Limits..."

Very creepy title tonight. If anyone knows where it's from, you're probably sicker than I am. Awesome show tonight. All over the place stylistically with plenty of new stuff and a few choice selections from the vinyl library. A classic from Nancy and Lee, some Sonic Youth, and I even grabbed a couple avant garde/noise records that I didn't get to. Even with a first inning error from the studio being a disaster and a late-in-the-game substitution with the Tara Jane O'Neil CD I really, really wanted to play missing, tonight went really, really well (what's with the sports analogies?). The interview with Chris from Talbot Tagora, [a young, talented Seattle band I've played before, and have seen live (w/ Abe Vigoda)] was also a highlight for tonight. Very nice guy, eager and willing to show WHUS some love (not to mention, they are killer live). ALmost forgot to mention, we had former WHUS DJ Jeffrey in studio, as well as current WHUS DJ David (who can be heard Tuesdays from 10pm until midnight). Anyway, here's the playlist in all its glory.

** = Plucked from the WHUS new bin, for your listening pleasure.

#. title - artist - album - label - year (this is specific or vague as the information I have at hand)

1. Brake It - Reigning Sound - Love and Curses - In the Red **
2. Is It True? - Reigning Sound - Love and Curses - In the Red **

3. People of the Sky - Sloan - Twice Removed - Geffen - 1994
4. Death of Me - Box Elders - Alice & Friends - Goner **
5. Shine On - Air Waves - Air Waves - Catbird **
6. Broken Arm - The Shackles **
7. Bradley Bear - Holiday Shores - Columbus'd the Whim - twosyllable **
8. He's Been Napping - Marmoset - Tea Tornado - Joyful Noise
9. Jackson - Nancy Sinatra (with Lee Hazlewood) - Country, My Way - Reprise - 1967

10. Human Upskirt - Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans - Sub Pop **
11. Nowheres Nigh - Parts & Labor - Receivers - Jagjaguwar - 2008
12.Flower - Sonic Youth - single - Homestead - 1986?
13. Johnny Lazor - Talbot Tagora - Lessons in the Woods or a City - Hardly Art **

Interview with Chris Ando of TALBOT TAGORA

14. The Sporting Life - Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones - The Sporting Life - Mute - 1994
15. The Afterlife - YACHT - See Mystery Lights - DFA **

16. St. Power - Noveller - Red Rainbow - No Fun Productions **

That just about wraps it up. Thanks again to Dave at AAM, Sarah at Hardly Art, and of course Chris from TT for organizing the interview. I may be doing a fill in tomorrow night. We'll see. Remember to tune in next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Station.

PS - To the girl who called asking about Noveller, want to be friends?

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