Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Starting from Scratch...

Well, not quite but almost. Matt Little and I recently switched time slots. So, in honor of my departure from Monday nights, and my arrival on the Wednesday night airwaves, I'm not only going to try to update regularly (possibly with more than just playlists) but throw in some old ones too. So, look up on this page, or look down, I really don't know hot Blogger works, to find some recent stuff. I know I promised old playlists and all that shit in my last couple posts, but at this point most of them have been lost/destroyed/misplaced/sucked into a light fixture that leads to another dimension inhabited by bright blues and reds. Part of my reluctance to maintain the page was due to the volume of shows I was doing, or, in other words, didn't feel like upating. If I find them, I might post some of them. Really, if you want to know what I was playing there wasn't anything too, too exciting there. A lot of the new Dirtbombs album, a lot of the new Beach House album, the Black Hollies were also a mainstay, as well as Portishead. I do have stuff from ranging from late April to now-ish. I'll probably throw some of those in.

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